Monday, May 5, 2008


This painting was done by 살바도르, a friend of a friend. She based it on me... Made it after seeing un/going home (the docu that will haunt me for the rest of my life) now I don't look literally like this, but I like the stylistic me nonetheless ^^ Looks prettier than me actually I think. Anyways I wrote a poem...

He-Jin 65x53 Oil on canvas

- February 15th, Amsterdam -

I painted my skin
In flowers and patterns
quite literally, actually
giftwrapped myself
... with silver and blood -
drops, drops, drops
Never does it stop
take a turn
roll over
or ever play dead.

A thought came to me
gift-wrapped, not in silver,
bright colors
rainbows made of a thousand scents

I took for granted,
the smell of blood

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gonna shock me some Koreans!

So, counting down, 7 days and I'm on a plane to Korea. Everyone has been asking me what I'm gonna do there, and I can't really answer them. Except that I'm gonna go and shock me some Koreans, kissing queer gals in the subway during rushhour and other assorted things. When I planned this entire moving-to-Korea thing, my plan kinda ended with stepping on that plane there.

But now I know what I actually will be doing the first weekend there! I have a plan stretching at least 5 days after my arrival! I am plan-gal and damn proud about it! Usually I am more making-it-up-along-the-way-gal...

So da plan: Arrive, drop of my baggage at a friends, and meet up with a bunch of gals for this queer women's camp, I guess it's sort of a lesbian MT without actual formal membership. After that... you I guess I'd be back to making it up along the way.