Thursday, June 21, 2007

제3회 여성노동문화제

6월 21일(목)~23일(토)- 창원대학교 사림관

21일에는 15시에 언/고잉홈을 상영될꺼에요.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

SeLFF 2007,

At the Seoul LGBT Film Festival 2007 "Un/going home" is screened in the section "L Shorts". SeLFF takes place within context of the Korea Queer Culture Festival 2007, a festival which I unfortunatly will have to miss this year since I'm not in Korea... Anyways, the screening is Wednesday 6th (already past I know) and this Saturday 9th.

6월 6일(수)과 6월 9일(토)에는 서울LGBT필름페스티발에서 L-Shorts으로 언/고잉 홈을 상영되고 있어요.

Funny on their website with info about the films it says in the English section:

Hailing from Amsterdam, Hye-jin cannot be defined solely as an adoptee, transgender, lesbian, or sex worker. Jolly and less than adorable by turns, she has a ball at the KQCF and takes part in public discussions on amending laws on gender reassignment. During her short stay in Korea, has Hye-jin finally found home? Or must she once again set out in search of a home

Well it's funny to me, maybe others can't see the humor I see... I just wonder what they mean with "less than adorable..."?