Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hijras of Mumbai - Photo exhibition


From 18th till 28th, May 2007, A photoseries by Anita Khemka (New Delhi, 1972) was shown at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam in light of the 4th edition of the Netherlands Transgender Filmfestival. The photo's were taken during the shooting of the documentary Between the Lines: India's Third Gender featuring three the lives of three Hijras and Anita's interactions with them as a female photographer, which was screened at the festival as well. Not overly dramatic, neither casual, Both the film and the photos give provide an interesting look at the lives these Hijras. Meeting Anita and Laxmi (one of the Hijra featured in the film) was amazing. Both are very strong people, sharing and interesting friendship. I admire both of them for their creativity, their strength and courage.

Anita Khemka has worked as a documentary photographer for organisations like Unicef and UNAIDS with a focus on the position of women and sexual minorities in India. Khemka’s photographs are rooted in her experience as a woman, and her interest in how sex occupies a major part of people’s lives. Khemka is drawn to eunuchs and prostitutes whom she follows for years to film these intimate portraits.


Tomas Eric Nordlander said...

Human Rights Defence announced the results their essay competition. Third prize goes to Shoma A. Chatterji’s “Eunuchs of India - Deprived of Human Rights” is placed. Here is a snippet from its introduction...

"The International Human Rights Day comes and goes every year. Human Rights activists talk of torture of under trials in police custody. They talk about human beings being subjected to medical experimentation without their conscious knowledge. They discuss socially relevant subjects like violence against women, child abuse, trafficking or exploitation of child labour in TW countries. But the lot of the community of eunuchs is largely ignored even by their own. It is also true that at every stage of their existence, their rights to live and work like normal human beings are violated with impunity."

If you like to read more, you will find it on our site: www.humanrightsdefence.org

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Tomas Eric Nordlander