Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay... Little death-wishy stuff. I'm not the suicidal type but I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer for hours the night that I wrote this and I was feeling a bit Joss Whedony. So this is just a blue rant poem, I like it. Hope you do too but don't take the words for the meaning imbued. I so am not making sense...

- March 19th, Amsterdam -

An angel, silently she came
there was light, and dark
and singing

An angel,
pushed on my thighs, wet and unused
sat and held me down
upon the bed I screamed
but words, choked, left me
an angel, clawing
and hissing

The mirror, she stared at me
I turned away, my eyes would burn

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sex Worker Pride Anthem - The Burnout

International Sex Worker Rights Day, March 3rd
Launches Sex Worker Pride Anthem!!
Courtney Trouble & Scarlot Harlot- The Burnout

Sex Worker Rights Music Video by

The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival premieres this sex worker anthem, Courtney Trouble's "The Burnout," a music video by Scarlot Harlot and Courtney Trouble in English, Chinese and Thai.

The makers wish to thank and acknowledge the sex worker activists around the world for their work and inspiration.

Also visit Sex Workers Present
from APNSW, to view many sex worker videos
including “Taking The Pledge”
from the Network of Sex Work Projects.

In this video, a 'day in Courtney's life' parallels her journey from phone sex to sexual representation/pornography as well as her political journey, interwoven with sex worker demonstrations, clips and photos from organizations listed here.

This music video reflects a personal and local story, and a political story that reaches out to individuals and organizations which resist discrimination and work towards social justice and human rights for sex workers. Many find a common voice in Courtney Trouble's frustration, pride and defiance.

"How soon I got over, waiting alone at home for the telephone. Why do you can't see me...don't wanna know me at all but I know you wanna get off."

Trouble's frustration evolves into a recognition of her mission to 'seize the means of production.'

"It's just like anything else, it's just a job, but we've got the guts to profit off our own skin. They won't acknowledge us until we own enough to control it. They won't respect us until we give them no other choice."

Courtney Trouble has also been an artist, singer, designer, and photographer for many years. Her work can be viewed at

Filmmaker Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot has been a sex worker and activist since the late seventies. A poet and performance artist, she coined the term "sex worker" in 1979. She was recently awarded a Creative Work Fund Award to compile her sex worker documentaries as part of the library at the Center for Sex and Culture ( "Unrepentant Whore: The Collected Work of Scarlot Harlot" was published by Last Gasp. For more info, visit her websites at and