Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Closing... Closure

It's a strange feeling, aproaching closure, and maybe with that new beginning?

I've had my main bottom-surgery, decided not to have top-surgery. Maybe a small corrective surgery later this year, but that's not sure yet, and no big deal actually. A new law in Belgium has made it easier to change my gender on my birthcertificate (or in my case the transfer certificate cause of my adoption, not sure what it is called) and my first name.

I had to get a visa for Australia and dug up my passport for that, it's like looking at the passport of a stranger. Sure enough I am so used to being He-Jin that my old name and gender-registration feel so distant and vague. Sure enough I feel strangely distant from the surgery that I had only recently, almost as if it had happened three years ago instead of three months. Soon, no pills anymore, just 6 monthly injections for hormones. So I guess soon it'll be over (as far as something like this can be over), it's taken 6 years of my life... And to be honest, 6 years ago I thought I'd feel different.

When something's been a driving force for such a long time, when it's no longer needed and it fades away so quick, it leaves you feeling empty. Strange how that goes, henna? Anyways, already when I had surgery and got out of the hospital it seemed that others were more excited about my surgery than I was myself. For me, I've always been me, and the physical change didn't affect my feeling that much. It just gave me a little wisper "it's over, you can start living on your own now."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Support ZiTeng



ZiTeng is an NGO supporting the rights of sex workers in Hong Kong.

One-person-one-letter campaign against police extensive raids on one-apartment women
Recently, the police have started extensive raid on one-apartment women’s websites, flat owners. They also visit sex workers’ workplace for the survey, in which they force sex workers to provide all kinds of information. Sex workers have great worries that such police actions may end their business. Although the police spokespersons often claim that their actions are directed at the triad groups, the fact is that currently sex workers are mostly self-employed. The recent police raids on websites, flat owners, real estate companies and other people related with the work of one-apartment women only hurt sex workers. One-apartment women themselves are not illegal in Hong Kong. The police also state in different occasions that the sex work-related laws in Hong Kong (such as living on earnings of prostitution of others) are set up to protect sex workers from exploitation. However, police raids on websites and flat owners only discourage sex workers’ business. Sex workers are the ones to be eradicated. They can no longer make their living. They become the poorest victim. Hence, we now carry out a one-person-one-letter campaign to urge the police to respect sex workers. They have to stop police abuse immediately and all kinds of actions against the one-apartment women. Your support is highly appreciated. Please kindly send us your support and signature at ziteng@hkstar.com.

Our demands are as follows:
1. The police stop all actions against sex workers.
2. The police stop forcing sex workers to provide any kind of information and sign on the papers.
3. The police stop misusing the law, as well as wasting police manpower and resources on raiding sex workers. The Government should well use its resources on the development and betterment of the community’s social life, but not discouraging the business of one marginalized but self-reliant group.
4. Decriminalize sex work, repeal all the laws related with sex work, so that sex workers can enjoy their life.

警方近日洗太平地打擊一樓一網站、業主,又到性工作者的工作地方進行問卷調查,威迫她們提供資料,性工作者擔心警方會藉此把她們趕絕殺絕。雖然警方強調其行動只為打擊集團,但現時大部份的性工作者都是自僱人士,警方近日打擊網站、業主、地產及其他與一樓一工作有關人士的行動只是在打壓性工作者本身。香港一樓一並非違法,而警方亦經常強調與性工作者相關的法例(例如依靠妓女為生)背後目的是為了保護性工作者免受剝削;但警方現時拘控網站、業主等,卻令性工作者無法經營,最終的事實是性工作者被趕絕,無以為生,是最大受害者。因此,我們現發起一人一信行動,要求警方尊重性工作者,立即停止濫權及所有趕絕一樓一性工作者的行動,希望大家支持。請把你的支持和簽名電郵到 ziteng@hkstar.com。

1. 警方停止打壓性工作者的行動
2. 警方停止強迫性工作者提供資料及簽名
3. 警方停止濫用法例、浪費大量警力和資源打擊性工作者。政府應善用資源,把資源投入發展改善香港民生,而非打擊一些自食其力的邊緣社群
4. 性工作非刑事化,消除有關性工作的法例,令性工作者活得更自在

Saturday, July 7, 2007

New tattoo!

난 새로운 타투 있어!

I have a new tattoo!

I love it, just down-left of my left breast, accentuating my breast! Yes vanity is my favourite sin.