Monday, May 21, 2007

Empty Space...

I decided to post some of my old poems on here, since my old webbie is down. Hope anyone who reads is finds it nice.

- May 9th, 2006 Amsterdam -

Empty, filling up
half full and empty
a space is filled up

Empty, it feels
this space, looking at me
with eyes from walls so white
and air as hands, touching
and feeling, as empty
as ever...

Filled up,
half empty, yet so full
this space as life
so indecisive
and so true

A Korean artist friend of mine, Sanghee, used this poem in one of her
projects: "evening primrose" [달맞이꽃 / 夜來香] she did in the red light district in
Amsterdam. She gathered poetry from sex workers all over the world and projected
it on the streets and in the old church in the middle of the district at


Anonymous said...

Hi HeJin, I'm wondering where you obtained the image you used above your poem I'm wanting to use it as a graphic element for a project I'm working on. Please let me know if you object to my use of the image or if rights belong to someone else. I do appreciate your time and the image, which I think perfectly conveys the feeling of 'empty space'.

my email address is